Bastardizing The Religion

Listening to Shepard Smith on Fox Tuesday evening describe the events in Ataturk airport earlier that day, I was distressed to hear him describe the actions of the Muslim killers as “bastardizing this religion”. THERE IS NO BASTARDIZING OF THE ISLAMIC RELIGION. THE KILLERS ARE NOT ACTING AGAINST THE PRECEPTS OF ISLAM, THEY ARE FOLLOWING THE COMMAND TO KILL THE INFIDEL WHEVEVER HE MAY BE FOUND, AS LAID OUT IN THE KORAN SOME FOURTEEN HUNDRED YEARS AGO.

I vomit when I hear this stuff
That Islam stands for peace
I want to scream “Enough’s enough!”
This PC crap must cease!
What will it take to tell the truth
About this crawling scourge
I know some think I’m quite uncouth
Because I want a dirge
To sound its sad and mournful tune
Over their bodies slain
Removing from this world and soon
This stinking Muslim stain

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