If Only Stalin Knew

Bob Woodward, who gleefully brought down a Republican president, has made the ultimate mistake: he criticized a Democrat president, categorizing Obama’s decision not to deploy the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman to the Persian Gulf because of the sequester as Madness. For this he was informed, via email, that HE WOULD REGRET IT! Woodward, in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, another Obama lapdog, revealed the threatening email, but refused to name the sender, and insisted Obama could not have known about it. Which reminds me of the good old days when a long time Communist apparatchik was rotting in jail on Stalin’s orders and lamenting, “If only Stalin knew!” The apparatchiks, whether Stalinist apparatchiks or Obama apparatchiks, cannot, must not and will not believe that their god knew of the injustice, and that if he only knew, why then  the doors to the cell would be instantly thrown open.


So Woodward’s threatened by someone

Just who he will not say

Who told him some were well disposed

To see that he would pay

For something false he wrote in haste

No sourcing and no quotes

Demanding that he quick retract

And turn in all his notes

Thus causing Bob to shake with fright

Protesting he was true

Insisting it was a rogue act

Obama never knew