Whose Bright Idea Was This?

Obama maintained for a very long time that the dreaded sequester was a Republican idea, and that its terrible effects were entirely the fault of those horrid Republicans who would not work with him to solve the nation’s problems. For the first time in his presidency, the lapdog media found the courage to question him gently on this, and faced with the cruel truth Mr. Obama cheerfully confessed that it was his idea all along. All of which was shrugged off, for everyone knows Obama doesn’t lie even when he confesses.


Whose idea was sequester?

Well a Democrat court jester

Said Republicans were out to steal your watch

But the question sill would fester

Prior statements they would pester

Even though Chris Matthews tingled in his crotch

It turns out that O’s tea tester

Was a secret O detester

And he managed to place words between O’s lips

And those words, like any nester

Came to roost on the protester

Who claimed Gods like O don’t lie and don’t make slips