Illusory Correlations

Wikipedia says that illusory correlation is the phenomenon of seeing the relationship one expects even when no such relationship exists. Brian Ross of ABC News, on receiving word that the police had identified the Batman movie shooter as a James Holmes, of Aurora, Colorado, went immediately to the Tea Party website to see if the name James Holmes appeared.  It did, though if Ross had checked a bit further he would have discovered it was a different James Holmes. But of course he did not check further, and Ross breathlessly told his few listeners that the mass murderer was a member of the Tea Party, just as he and every right thinking American suspected. Of course he really meant every left thinking American, since the Left seems to believe in the correlation between the Tea Party movement and mass murder. Or at least they are prepared to spare no expense or effort in trying to convince the unwashed that there is a connection. Just as they instantly claimed, also falsely, that the shooter of Congresswoman Gabby Gifford belonged to the Tea Party.


Illusory correlation

Quite depends upon your station

For the people whom you know define your acts

If you are a Left Progressive

Then you are at times obsessive

Blaming murder on the Right despite the facts

But such claims fit the agenda

And if not then they’ll amend a

Statement made to then reflect the current theme

That the ones who do the killing

Are Tea Partiers who’re willing

To kill all who disagree and that’s their meme

And the Left, who like Rapunzels

Leave their hair down for their gunsels

And who murdered hundred millions to this date

Yes the Maos, the Stalins, Pol Pots

Who killed people by the job lots

Are beatified because ‘twas for the State

And the crazy Muslim killer

Has become the very pillar

Of the way of life the Left will force on us

He responds to Allah’s dictates

As he kills his eyelid nictates

And if militarys die then that’s a plus

Correlations thus are easy

And if some just make you queasy

Just remember that it’s for the common good

For the Left knows what’s good for you

And they’ll tell you till they bore you

That they’re pure at heart but just misunderstood


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