National Parks

The Federal Government is seriously considering closing the atomic energy labs, the labs where the atomic and hydrogen bombs were created and built, and turning them into national parks and museums now that world peace is at hand and we no longer need such evil weapons. But do we really need more museum parks? We already have one of the largest in captivity. It’s called General Motors. Government research money has produced many wonders in this museum park, not the least of which is the Chevy Volt.


The government must think us dolts

Will rush to buy their Chevy Volts

Whose range is listed as four city blocks

Whose ugliness makes people stare

And thieves won’t take them on a dare

So safe they are from theft they don’t need locks

With pols and unions hand in hand

They’ve quite destroyed the GM brand

Where once the Cadillac was term of choice

For excellence and top of line

But thanks to union led decline

The buying public chose to raise its voice

And cry No more, we’ve had enough

We will not buy your shoddy stuff

We won the war but Japs have won the race

Toyotas Hondas and the lot

Have left the GM stuff to rot

And where they once were first they’re now last place

So make a nice museum park

To go with all the labs to mark

The end of our pre-eminence at last

We don’t do math, we don’t build stuff

Androgynous instead of tough

A long time climbing up but downhill fast


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