In Congress Assembled

Congressman Barney Frank, D-Massachusetts, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the committee that writes the tax laws for the rest of us, is under investigation for not paying his taxes. Senator Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, is under investigation for accepting sweetheart mortgage deals from Countrywide Financial, an institution with a vested interest in what the Senate Banking Committee does. These people entered politics to do good, and they have done well. Like the rest of the liberal elites, they believe the laws were not meant for them, but for us.  



Barney Frank huffs and Barney Frank puffs

But mainly he puffs when he huffs

It’s plain as can be

A man’s man is he

It’s time he was fitted for cuffs


To think it odd

That Christopher Dodd

Would act nice for his cronies

Is more than queer

It’s insincere

To question his cajones

The man won’t care

That others share

A view of him unflattering

His clout he lends

To help his friends

Escape financial battering

And in return

Chris Dodd will earn

The thanks of all his crony band

Along with cash

And the weekend bash

In his cottage in Ould Ireland