In Google We Trust

Google is facing legal challenges all over the world for its invasion of privacy in collecting data on  individual private citizens with its wi-fi interceptions. Data is the mother lode of politics. The more they know about you the more they can manipulate you. And now Google is hand in glove with the Obama administration. Should we be afraid? Yes, and not only because Google is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect left wing Democrats. Google, if left to carry out its plans, will soon have a very thick file on each and every one of us; our incomes, our history, our email and our secret desires. Google is out to become Big Brother. A Coogle, incidentally, is a redhead with freckles.



A candidate who’s frugal

Needs not cash but only Google

And each voter’s mind and pocketbook are his

If you’re freckled, play the bugle

They will know you are a coogle

And they’ll know if you’re a Mr. or a Ms

Secret ballot’s in the past sir

Now it’s Google that’s your master

They know what you think and how you vote and more

Congress halls once alabaster

Now are primed for real disaster

And we tremble thinking what is next in store



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