A Maximum Of Civility

A revolution is underway in the United States, brought on by the Tea Parties and the resounding repudiation of the leftist form of government that has grown up around us like a cancer. There are those, of course, who do not like revolution; too messy, too untidy. These people understand the revolution is happening, but hope it is conducted with a maximum of civility. Can a modern major revolution be conducted in a civil manner? The answer is to the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s A Modern Major General.



We like our revolutions with the maximum civility

We like to think we get along to best of our ability

We want no fuss nor wish no muss

We want the world to liken us

To cheerful riders on a bus

That leads to our facility

Where we can do our best to see that everyone is happily

Engaged in work and play they do precisely well and snappily

A world where men know best and then

We’ll dance and sing and laugh again

And poets take up ink and pen

To Nomes and Indianapoli

Yes revolutions are done best when all are smiling merrily

And friends and foes alike are greeted ma’am-ily and sir-ily

And when it’s o’er our little war

Leaves no one mad and no one sore

The rich still rich the poor still poor

And all will shout, yea verily




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