In The Beginning

If there were a beginning to the Universe, then before that there had to be nothing, and if there was nothing then how could there be a beginning? One can imagine the universe we live in as being conceived in the Big Bang, as I believe it was, and growing, step by step, like ascending a stair, into its current form. But for there to be a Big Bang, there had to be something there to go Bang, so it could not have been the beginning. So the question is, what or who was on the first step of the stair?

In the beginning there was nothing
Though the nothing wasn’t there
So there could be no beginning
Without someone on the stair
A someone who stepped lightly
As he rose with weary tread
With his fingers brushed the handrail
As he went upstairs to bed
Where he dreamed of streaming starlight
As the galaxies were formed
And his hand set them in motion
As the cold of space was warmed
As he dreamed a thought came to him
Many worlds would come to life
Though he knew that his new creatures
Would be born to war and strife
It was there the dream had ended
In the morning he awoke
And his house was filled with starlight
As the dawn upon him broke
Through his window he saw blossoms
Moving gently with the breeze
In a bright and verdant pasture
Stretching to the distant trees
He turned and on the landing
He thought of all the cares
His dream had set in motion
Then he started down the stairs

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