In The Eye Of The Beholder

I’ve had very few problems in my life, and the one exception is a problem most men would not consider a problem, and that is that since I was very young women have found me fascinating. With good reason, of course, but it didn’t stop there. Fame and fortune came my way, almost without effort, adding to the adulation. Still, I suppose problems like these must be accepted as the price one pays for being born with both looks and intelligence.

I’ve had this problem all my life
Rich beauties want to be my wife
While others simply want the chance
To be with me for just one dace
Much intellect I have to spare
And Nobels I don’t have to share
Good looks and smarts have done me well
The movies want my life to tell
I’m now content to rest my game
Of much accomplishment and fame
Just one small failure comes to mind
Yes I have always been too kind
To dullards who in throngs surround
The shining glory of the ground
On which I stand and shall ascend
To heights my shrinks could not unbend

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