The Blue Model

The Progressive socialism that now rules the West, including the United States, is universally known as The Btue Model. They looked so fine on the showroom floor, waxed to a spit shine polish, sleek and new, with easy trade in terms. Just a little freedom given up, and you could own a brand spanking new Blue Model car that would take you anywhere you wanted to go, so long as you wanted to go where the Blue Model car wanted to take you. The bargain was irresistible and everyone who had one was prosperous and happy, until the inevitable day the repo man appeared.

The salesman smiled, his words rang true
As he whispered soft and low
“This model here, the shiny blue
Is how you want to go
It falters not or needs repair
It’s built to never fail
It runs on just pure country air
And this one’s now on sale.”
With millions sold the shiny blues
Ran slick as advertised
Until the day the repo crews
Took back from the surprised
Blue Model folks who thought the laws
That stood the time-long test
Did not apply to them because
The salesmen all knew best
And so it was the rusting hulls
Lay scattered and forlorn
Amid vast fields of whitened skulls
Each one a sucker born

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