Infanterie Greift An

The European Union was the child of fear. Fear of German militarism even in the face of a devastated and supine post war Germany. Fear does not often lead to wise choices, and more often than not leads to surrender. The French surrendered the sovereignty of Europe to fear of a possible future revanchist Germany. France was right, in a sense, for it is now time for a revanchist Germany to put down both the EU and the Muslim savages they have themselves invited into their midst. Now if only they had a Rommel.

Thank goodness for the Brexit days
Those good old EU exit days
And Germans can now do what they do best
Arminius and legionnaires
The prancing Uhlan cuirassiers
The Panzer IIIs that gave the French no rest
Thank goodness the good times are back
And hidden weapons can unstack
And uniforms unhung and cleaned and pressed
The banlieus and the migrant camps
Demolished and put out he lamps
And Muslims know why they should fear the West

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