The United States is equally divided, but not politically. It is divided tribally, with one tribe engaged in declared warfare against the other tribe that does not yet realize they have been attacked and are in a fight to the death. Part of the problem is that the Left, the attacking tribe, is being aided by elements of the unresisting Republican tribe in the effort to destroy the duly elected president of the United States. Recall that the Conservative Never Trump Movement hired a British agent to compile a false dossier on the candidate Trump, which they then delivered to the enemy Intelligence Services, disguised as the mainstream media, when Republican Senator John McCain gave the fake dossier to James Comey, the Director of the Obama politicized FBI, from where it then became established gospel from a still respected source. Who is standing on the trapdoor? We are. Coup attempts do not typically end well or peacefully; either way there is bloodshed, and not just political blood. We are looking at the very real potential of blood in the streets due to the insane rage of the Left, and a violent overthrow of a popularly elected president by his political enemies will result in armed insurrection against the traitors, and many innocents will be caught in the crossfire. Twice now the Democrats have declared war on a Republican president, and it is unlikely the outcome this time will be different. Has the Rubicon been crossed? Yes it has.

Shallow water holds no fear
For those already crossed
The leaders will not shed a tear
For those who bear the cost
The taste of power in the throat
Drives those who choose up sides
And trapdoors, as the scribes will note
Grow busy on the Ides

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