iPad Man

NASA no longer looks to the stars, the country no longer dreams large dreams. The current generation in charge has no sense of history, no sense of the future beyond the release of the next model iPad. What is more, the current generation of iPad men look down on the men of daring, the men of dreams who preceded them.



I lived a hundred years ago

A hundred years and more

And so today I am to you

A running bleeding sore

A man with nothing on his mind

But food to stay alive

In darkened times of mindless life

Too stupid to survive

And yet how is it that today

Your iPad cultures seem

To know not God and more you have

Forgotten how to dream

We morons sailed adventured seas

And looked to distant stars

We conquered mountains, built a stair

To Venus and to Mars

We left to you a world of awe

Broad shoulders for your feet

To stand upon to reach the heights

We thought you would complete

The work begun when ancient man

First wondered what’s in store

Only to find you iPad men

Don’t wonder any more

Don’t look at stars and wonder how

The universe was made

And how the butterfly takes wing

Or why the flowers fade

You iPad men who know not aught

And think you know it all

Now spend your lives on facebook

Waiting for your cell phone call



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