Resistance to Obamacare and the Obama administration in general has been characterized as a form of Irish Democracy, defined as simply ignoring the authorities. When the Celts were pushed off the northwest corner of the continent of Asia by my Germanic forebears all those many years ago, they stopped for a spell in the rocky hills of Scotland and the green fields of Ireland, where they clung grimly to the last handhold before being driven into the sea, and in the process becoming as tough as nails and twice as ornery. The Scotch-Irish fighting man formed the backbone of the British Empire’s overseas military. So Irish democracy is a bit more than passively ignoring the toffs. My immediate family is Norwegian and German immigrant, but the family tree contains an Irishman who was with Washington at Long Island when only a providential fog allowed Washington and his men to escape certain death or capture.  Another Irish ancestor of mine fought in the War of 1812, though they have been peaceable, in the main, ever since.

Proud I am of my Celtic blood
As thin as it might be
For when the embattled farmers stood
They stood for you and me
The tapestry the people weave
Of deeds of great renown
Show Washington one Christmas Eve
Cross o’er to Trenton town
Yes Irishmen were in those boats
And bitter cold that night
With many without shoes or coats
No matter, they would fight
The Irish Brigade at Burnside’s bridge
The 69th New York
The lads who fought Elsenborn ridge
With roots in County Cork
No passive’s not the word I’d use
When speaking of the Celts
They’re quick to smile but light the fuse
And you’ll wind up with welts

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