Empty Pockets

A New York lawyer making $323,000 a year has filed for bankruptcy, declaring that after alimony, child support, city, state and Federal taxes, plus normal living expenses, his net income is a negative number. And to think it wasn’t that long ago, geologically speaking, that I was living in a nice upper middle class neighborhood and supporting a wife, two kids an Irish setter and a power mower on $8,000 a year.

In days of yore
We all were poor
And learned to live without it
Three  hundred grand
Live hand to hand
And yet I truly doubt it
Put on a smile
Then go and file
Bankruptcy papers pronto
No one will care
Except that pair
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
They rode the West
And did their best
To help poor fellows like you
So get a grip
And take a tip
Let great horse Silver psyche you
You’re down and out
Don’t fret and pout
Climb back on top in stages
Obama’s there
And he does care
He’s raising minimum wages

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