Is T-Rex a Band Or A Brand?

President-elect Trump has nominated Rex Tillerson, President and CEO of the one of the largest companies in the world, to be his Secretary of State, to the expected howls from those who believe that such an exalted post should go to someone who has consistently failed at some other government task and thus is in line for the top cabinet job. We do not yet know if Tillerson will be as brilliant at the job as Henry Kissinger, but we know damn well he won’t be as clueless, incompetent and venal as Hillary Clinton. I believe we can have every confidence that Rex Tillerson will not turn the State Department into a pay for play criminal enterprise. And for those who sneer and claim that naming generals and highly visible and highly competent and successful executives to the cabinet is merely Trump trying to enhance his brand, I say being President of the United States is enhancement enough.

The branding iron for Donald Trump
Is what he says and does
A Tillerson means that the Sec
Of State’s not what it was
With Hillary and pay to play
Where State was bought and sold
And so we need a Tillerson
To break the Clinton mold
We need a tough guy, a T-Rex
Who plays the game to win
And who believes in talking straight
And not the lying spin
Now Mr. Tillerson is charged
With swabbing down the decks
I wonder though if mom and dad
Did really name him Rex

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