The 19th Of December

The radical leftist Democrats, led by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Black Lives Matter, are determined to rule, and if they cannot rule they will burn the country down by delegitimize the national election, by destroying the Electoral College, and hoping to pin the tag of unelected president on Donald Trump. Today, in fifty State Capitals, 538 electors will cast the final ballots for president of the United States. It is believed 305 will vote for Donald Trump, 232 for Hillary Clinton, and one faithless Trump elector for John Kasich or Justin Bieber. And so, by end of day, despite the frenetic efforts of the Democrats to prevent the duly elected president of the United States from taking office, Donald Trump will be duly certified as the winner of the election, and will take the oath of office on 20 January 2017. But it will not end there. The left will not give up power easily, and there will be violence and flaming hatred of all things Trump over the next four years. We will survive the violence and the hatred, for we will be happily witnessing the death rattle of the current version of the Democratic  Party.

I had the oddest dream about all of this the other night, a dream in which a whispered voice told of one last throw of the dice, one last chance to keep Donald Trump from moving into the White House. In my dream I saw thousands of armed Democrats surround all fifty State Houses, preventing the electors from voting, and in the fashion of dreams, I knew the armed Democrats were members of government agencies that Obama had weaponized for just such an emergency.

They called themselves the Minute Men, these well-armed bureaucrats
Who sat at desks and made up laws declaring that transfats
Have every right to shower with the little girls at school
And scowl that guns they have and with them you’re wise not to fool
And so at Barack’s call they leaped from desks and then enplaned
And flew to far State Houses where if anyone complained
Arrests were made and entrance doors were blocked by scowling men
Who at the end of day became mere bureaucrats again
But in my dream they did the job Obama set them to
Deny electors entrance all excepting for the few
Obeying under threat of force to vote Obama’s way
And thus denying Putin put America in play
To be a Russian province like Crimea, Greece and France
And in KGB prisons loyal Democrats to dance
To tuneless balalaikas as the hangman drew the noose
And in my dream Barack used fear of Russia his excuse
But Trump lit up his Twitter, raising millions to their feet
And calmly raised his hand and sank the whole darn Russian fleet
I came awake, looked at the clock, a little after two
And shivered in the darkened room, we’d just survived a coup
But dreams are dreams and for the Left real power is not shared
And in State Houses on this day the country will be spared
Progressivism is now dead, the Left has been laid low
I settled back, in dreamless sleep, my breathing shallow, slow

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