Is There Any Fight In That Dog?

Speaking at a hearing into the Brussels attacks, the Belgian deputy prime minister, Jan Jambon, warned against Europeans “making an enemy of Islam” describing it as “the worst thing we can do”. The participants also heard the warning that Muslims will outnumber Christians in Europe in the very near future, so Europe must prepare for it with acceptance and grace. These people have already surrendered. Consider Germany, the largest and most powerful economic State in Europe. Germany has a 2016 population of 80 million, with about 8 million foreigners, and the smaller countries have ethnic populations versus Muslim populations of about the same proportion. And yet government ministers are arguing that Muslims will soon outnumber Christians in the very near future, and so it is better to surrender now before Europeans make an enemy of the Muslims. They are so infected with Leftist ideology they are prepared to turn a blind eye to the reality that Muslims already consider the Christians as mortal enemies who must be eradicated by any means necessary. There are more than enough Europeans to take care of the Muslim problem, but the question is: Will the Europeans fight or will the Muslims finally take over Europe after 1400 years of continuous warfare?

The problem is that Europe’s men
As well as Europe’s women
Would rather eat a rotting hen
Or suck on a persimmon
Than fight for country honor bound
For being taught in school they
Despise the very name and ground
Of history so cruel they
Deny the right of Europe’s folk
To fight and kill another
They much prefer the Muslim yoke
Embrace him as a brother
Accepting bondage as their lot
For crimes of those before them
Surrendering without a shot
To Muslims who abhor them

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