It’s All Free

In recent testimony before Congress, a Ms Sandra Fluke, rhymes with luck, demanded that the taxpayers pay for her contraception, which, according to her, costs her a thousand dollars a year. She didn’t say how often she has sex, so we don’t know what that comes to per occasion. Three times a day would make those occasions a very inexpensive dollar a piece. Still, it isn’t the money, it’s the idea that everything should be free.



When I was a kid, it all was free

But then you see, It had to be

My parents paid and that’s the key

Because I had no money

But now I’m old, and I have paid

My share of everything I’ve made

To government who want to raid

The rest of my kept money

To give to folks who want for free

The things my parents gave to me

But it won’t work, because you see

They’ve taken all my money



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