Ever hear of steganography? No? Well, according to Wiki, steganography is the art or science of writing hidden messages inside otherwise innocuous messages in such a way that no one, except the sender and recipient, suspects the existence of the hidden message. Steganography is not new, it’s been around for centuries, but seems now to be taken to new heights by the Obama administration. The new agreement with Russia on Iranian sanctions seems tough when read, but upon further reading one finds curious omissions, curious, that is, if one is not aware of the art of steganography, where the hidden message is the message. And the hidden message is that both Obama and Putin want a war in the Middle East, probably for different reasons. The sanctions allows Russia to install SM-100 ground to air missiles in Iran, while not permitting the sale of totally irrelevant stuff like heavy tanks. The installation of these missiles guarantees war between Iran and Israel, because Israel cannot allow Iran to get nuclear weapons, and if the missiles go in Israel will not be able to stop Iran from proceeding. Therefore Israel must attack the nuclear sites before the missiles go in, and that means war, and war means Iran will close the straits of Hormuz, and the US will have to force it open if the world is not to come to a screeching halt through the lack of oil. But does Obama want to force open the straits of Hormuz? I believe he does not, for by not doing so the price of oil goes to $500 a barrel, and the economies of the West and of the United States go in the toilet, and the crisis allows Obama to rule by diktat. Just a thought. Not all hidden messages are Jabberwocky.    



It’s Jabberwocky! Alice cried

The message must be here!

For surely word things cannot hide

That much is clearly clear

Ah no, my child! the red queen laughed

It’s hidden, don’t you see

To try for it will drive you daft

‘Tis quite a mystery

I smile at those who would decode

Up spake the Cheshire cat

For none knows but the Willow toad

And therefore that is that

Mad Hatter! help me, Alice begged

The message must be read!

Mad hatter cried, I have it pegged!

From A on through to Zed!

See here the words that doth surround

Where other phrases be

That clear in stately praise redound

Upon a cup of tea

I think it’s more vexed Alice said

There’s trouble in the air

I see a world just filled with dread

And no one seems to care

Our president just preens and smiles

Just like the Cheshire cat

He’s sure his nuance and his wiles

Will lead to rule diktat



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