The word pilgrim means one who comes from afar. Many pilgrims come to Jerusalem, an ancient city holy to three faiths. It is also the capital of Israel, and is constantly a source of contention between the Jews and the Arabs. The Arabs claim Jerusalem is theirs because Mohammed rose to heaven from the Dome Of The Rock, while the Jews scoff and say Jerusalem was a Jewish city a thousand years before Mohammed was born. The problem is, the United States of Barack Obama and his anti-Jewish chief White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is on the side of the Arabs. But what is Jerusalem? Jerusalem is more than a temporal capital of a temporal state, it is a city created by God.



A harsh, dusty land

A province of Rome

Where all would begin

Where all would call home

The end of the world

No villas nor baths

Yet chosen by God

For one of his paths


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