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The word pilgrim means one who comes from afar. Many pilgrims come to Jerusalem, an ancient city holy to three faiths. It is also the capital of Israel, and is constantly a source of contention between the Jews and the Arabs. The Arabs claim Jerusalem is theirs because Mohammed rose to heaven from the Dome Of The Rock, while the Jews scoff and say Jerusalem was a Jewish city a thousand years before Mohammed was born. The problem is, the United States of Barack Obama and his anti-Jewish chief White House advisor, Valerie Jarrett, is on the side of the Arabs. But what is Jerusalem? Jerusalem is more than a temporal capital of a temporal state, it is a city created by God.



A harsh, dusty land

A province of Rome

Where all would begin

Where all would call home

The end of the world

No villas nor baths

Yet chosen by God

For one of his paths


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Foggy Bottom

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is maneuvering to make the State Department the top dog in the Obama administration, replacing the Department of Defense in all things related to foreign policy. If she is successful, and she already has the willing acceptance of Obama and Valerie Jarrett, then no longer will the foreign policy of the United States be guided in any part by the strategic military interests of the United States. Foggy Bottom will have full and final say, and we know where that will lead. The State Department is full of career Arabists, who hate Israel and side with the Palestinians. And of course State believes that giving money to our enemies will make them love us.



Obama says when things be boggy

He hands it off to those at Foggy

And when he’s by the gonads got ‘em

That’s when he calls in those at Bottom

The problem is those Foggy people

Think piling money in a heap’ll

Cure the ills of those who hate us

And make them want to kiss and date us


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