Jobs We Won’t Do

A society that imports undocumented third world workers to do the jobs their own unemployed and unemployable won’t do, very soon become members of the Third World themselves. And that includes the United States. I spoke to a recent graduate of a prestigious university, and asked why his PhD in Persons of Color and Transgender Minority Studies did not qualify him for a minimum wage job.



Well firstly, yes it does, he said

I’m qualified for sure

It’s just that jobs beneath me

Would be such a freakin’ bore

How many PhDs you think

Would not have great regrets

In taking jobs just for the sake

Of paying off their debts

The jobs I’m offered quite insult

My intellect and worth

They’d have me working next to

Folks from anywhere on Earth

Don’t work, I said, how will you keep

The lifestyle that you had

Well, that’s an easy one, he said

I’ll live with mom and dad


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