When The Oil Money Stops

I ran into a Saudi prince I know in Wal-Mart the other day, and asked him what he was going to do when the Democrats lose the power to keep us from becoming the number one oil and gas producer in the world again. He smiled and said that that would be the end of Saudi Arabia and the entire oil producing Middle East, but seemed quite unconcerned.



We’ve got our stash, he said and smiled

Investments, bank accounts

The Democrats have seen to it

That we made large amounts

Of money selling oil to you

And others by the way

And with that money then we bought

The stuff we own today

Big buildings in New York we own

Large parts of Europe too

Swiss banks are bulging at the seams

With cash we got from you

Of course we know this will someday

Come to a screeching halt

But we’ll survive, we royals will

Because we own the vault

The people though, I said concerned

Will then be quite bereft

Of work and funds and then they’ll fight

Each other for what’s left

The Middle East will then return

To camel caravans

And people living hand to mouth

Upon the burning sands

Oh them, he shrugged, and turned to go

It’s Allah’s will, perchance

We royals though will wish them well

From villas in south France


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