Jumping To Conclusions

The first thing out of the mouth of President Obama when he heard of the massacre of unarmed soldiers by a screaming Muslim was that we should not jump to conclusions about the motives of the shooter. No indeed. We must not think that just because Major Hasan called himself a soldier of Allah that he actually was one. People fantasize, you know, without ever carrying out their fantasies. No, as the mainstream media was quick to point out, without ever telling the viewing public that Major Hasan was a Muslim, there did not appear to be a motive for the murders. President Obama, in his speech at Fort Hood, said the attack was incomprehensible. Incomprehensible to some, maybe, but not for those of us not crippled by the insane blindness of political correctness.     



When you jump to a conclusion

It can lead to much confusion

And that is something we don’t want to see

Just because a man is saying

That to Allah he is praying

Doesn’t mean he’s not the same as you and me

Just because he calls Al Qaeda

Doesn’t mean that he would hide a

Gun beneath his coat and shoot a man or two

And though many heard him crying

There are Muslim babies dying

And he blamed the deaths of all on me and you

Take the mosque that he attended

He would surely be offended

If we thought what he was told there was insane

Even though his Imam praised the

Men who gave their lives and razed the

Buildings in New York by Boeing aeroplane

And of course then we must never

Think a Muslim man could sever

Heads of innocents and those who mean no harm

For he is a man most peaceful

Who insists that we must cease all

Taking acts and words of Muslims with alarm

We must never think that single

Muslim men with whom we mingle

Are reflections of their countrymen at large

No the peaceful Muslim masses

Want to kill our Yankee asses

And put their crazy Imams all in charge

We should not jump to conclusion

That they’re playing with nuke fusion

For the purpose of destroying us this time

We must honor that their version

Of the truth is that the Persian

Rule of all us infidels will be sublime