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The World Is Nuts

Political Correctness is driving the world nuts.  In England, they have appointed a man in charge of education whose stated goal is to make all university degrees equal, that is a degree in hairdressing is equal to a degree in physics.  And yes, in England you can get a four year university degree in Beauty Spa Management. Feminists argue that abortion, for whatever reason, is a woman’s right because women are paid less than men, but that aborting, that is, killing unborn baby girls because the mother wanted a boy is wrong.  Why is one reason for abortion moral, while another reason for abortion immoral?  Why should a degree in hairdressing be the equal of a degree in aeronautical engineering?  Who decides these things?  These things are not so much decided as part of the collective wisdom of radicals now in charge of western civilization, and that collective wisdom is called Political Correctness.  And PC rules.



The world is nuts

No ifs or buts

It’s PC rules

For redneck fools

And races byed

So all are tied

Where brains all count

A like amount

And talent’s hid

At PC’s bid

So dorks won’t scream

At lost esteem

Where beauty’s lost

Because the cost

Of brilliance may

Bring into play

The wicked thought

That talent ought

Not be dispersed

To best and worst

Without regard

To working hard

To pay the price

To roll the dice

To get ahead

What’s right instead

Is all must share

We must be fair

And who shall see

These things will be?

Do not ask who

It won’t be you



Creepy Crawly

While we look beyond our borders for the threat, unnoticed and unseen, the threat has bored from within. The Fort Hood muslim killer of unarmed soldiers was an American citizen, an officer in the United States Army, who went not unnoticed for his anti-American political views, but untouched and untroubled by the authorities because he was muslim. Political correctness cost over a dozen innocent people their lives. The Times Square bomber was an naturalized Ameican citizen, a muslim from Pakistan. Today the FBI raided houses on Long Island and in New Jersey. They are here, the jihadis, here among us, waiting for the call.   



They slink and they slither

They creep and they crawl

They live in the sewers

Awaiting the call

They answer to allah

The wise and the pure

To infidel evil

They have now the cure

The pipe bomb, the fire

The car bomb, the gun

Muhammad commands it

And so must be done

A grade school in Russia

Schoolgirls in Afghan

They kill and they slaughter

Wherever they can

And now they are here

In our midst, smiling nice

They know with PC

That we’ll soon pay the price

The question is when

Will the muslim threat cease

The answer: When rid

The religion of peace



Silent Knights

Political Correctness has reshaped our culture in ways that will ultimately lead to our demise as a coherent, cohesive, law abiding society.  Political correctness sets color against color, class against class, gender against gender. Diversity has resulted in discrimination against White males and Asians in favor of Blacks. Universities routinely admit and advance Blacks with lower scores than Whites and Asians. Hate speech is any word or group of words that any single member of a favored ethnic group finds personally objectionable. Can a comedian tell a Polish joke? Yes. A Jewish joke? Yes. A Catholic joke? Yes. A Black joke? No. A Muslim joke? No. Well, he can tell a Muslim joke but then he’ll have to go into hiding and take his family with him. Where will it end? It will end where all such evils end, with the slaughter (worst case) or the banishment (best case) of the favored minority by the disfavored majority.     



When days are old, the knights not bold

But manners are quite particular

We dare not shout, or e’en speak out
Lest we be perpendicular

Against a wall, a waiting pall

For daring to express a view

That some might see as blasphemy

And brand us as a parvenu

Ill bred, a boor, and what is more

Ill mannered, a vulgarian

For daring to vile words to spew

Like some grotesque Bulgarian

How could it be my fair country

Is peopled now by madder men

Where knights once bold are now just old

And wise too late but sadder men



From A Boxcar Door

Boxcar Willie sang about railroads mostly, one of which, From A Boxcar Door, is a paean to America. I too see the world through a boxcar door, and I don’t like what I see. Political correctness and multiculturalism sapping our will; a political establishment unheeding of the dangers of militant Islam. I have the feeling the world is like a railroad freight yard, and we a runaway boxcar, careening down the tracks, switching madly from track to track, but always moving remorselessly towards the high iron and the deep, black river, unheeding of the warning signs BRIDGE OUT!



I see the world around me flashing

Careening past and faster than before

I see the smiling faces

Not knowing they’ll soon hear the missiles roar

I see the children playing

Not knowing if they’re rich or if they’re poor

I see it all

I see the fall

From a boxcar door

I see Obama sleeping

A’dreaming of a world that he would cure

I see the man’s advisors

Not knowing anything but still damn sure

I see the nukes a’moving

I see what Islam crazies have in store

I see it all

I see the fall

From a boxcar door

I see the rails a’burning

I see the switches in a light so pure

I see the high iron coming

I see the river and the distant shore

I see the world around me glowing

I see the silver missiles start to soar

I see it all

I see the fall

From a boxcar door



Where Once Was Hington

Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered thirteen fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, and it became immediately apparent that many in Washington and in the military had for many years questioned the sanity and loyalty of Major Hasan. Nothing was done about it because the Major was a Muslim, and to remove him or even question him was contrary to the orthodox political correctness that demanded Muslims be treated with the utmost consideration lest the entire Muslim American community be offended. And so, in the cause of political correctness, thirteen innocent men and women died, and some thirty-eight were wounded. And what was the official reaction to this vicious and violent Muslim murder of infidels? The president of the United States demanded of us that we not jump to conclusions about the motive of the Muslim killer, and stated the act was incomprehensible, though it was clearly not incomprehensible at all. General George W. Casey, Army Chief of Staff, wrung his hands and cried that he hoped this unfortunate incident would not seriously damage the military’s drive for diversity. Such is the madness that grips us that we cannot bring ourselves to see that which is plain for all to see.  



Stupid is as stupid does

So sayeth one and all

But why is stupid all the buzz

Just before the fall?

To ask it is to answer

For anyone can see

The country has a cancer

In Washington DC

The way that things are going

I shudder for my kids

As freedom’s winds stop blowing

As country hits the skids

Hasan investigated

But they find that nothing’s wrong

He’s Muslim so he skated

We’ve all heard this dreary song

He had stated Allah bade him

Kill the infidel at once

They surely could have had him

But he smiled as one who hunts

For his victims where he finds them

And he shot them where they stood

As he cried that Allah binds them

To perdition and that’s good

So with plentiful profusions

Of our guilt the word goes out

That we not jump to conclusions

It’s not Islam, there’s no doubt

Yes common sense may still prevail

But don’t bet the rent money

I’d cry at this sad sorry tale

If it weren’t so damn funny

On future digs when time permits

No harmful radiation

They’ll scratch their heads and search for bits

Of what was once a nation

“Twas Hington, boys, a state now dead”

But others disagree

Until they found the sign that said




And The Temples Of His Gods

Horatius, by Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay


The following is a snippet from the great classic.


Then out spake brave Horatius

The Captain of the Gate:

“To every man upon this Earth

Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better

Than facing fearful odds,

For the ashes of his fathers

And the temples of his gods.”


Schoolboys have been reading of brave Horatius at the bridge for over two thousand years. Why has this long ago tale of a Roman soldier holding off the Etruscan host so compelling? I believe it is because it is a tale of honor, of bravery, of a warrior’s determination to fight for his country, his culture, his religion, his wife and children, to the death if need be. We are facing such a challenge today in militant Islam, on the rise once more, at war to the death with the once Christian west, a thousand year war that did not end at the gates of Vienna or at Lepanto. Do we have such a man, a Horatius, to stand at the bridge and deny the Muslims their victory over us, a victory that would reduce us to slaves? Will we see Muslim savagery for what it is, or will we insist Islam is a religion of peace, despite all evidence to the contrary? Will we stand and fight before a city dies from a Muslim nuke? Multiculturalism and political correctness have nearly destroyed the will of the West to resist, but resist we must, or we will surely lose all, including the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods.



For the ashes of his fathers

And the temples of his gods

Brave men will fight the fiercest foe

Despite the gravest odds

Today the foe amidst us

Walks upright and in the light

He fears naught but his holy book

That tells him he is right

To kill the infidel at hand

By any means possessed

He smiles the smile of conquest while

His victims are obsessed

With mortal things and mortal thoughts

Of living the good life

Avoiding confrontation and

Avoiding parlous strife

But come the day the masks fall off

Of Islam’s murderous face

And by its acts of savagery

Ignites the Christian race

Then only then will Christian men

Unite to stem the tide

And Islam’s terror gangsters will

Then have no place to hide

A burnt out western city will

Return a thousand fold

And western man the warrior

Will hark back to days of old

And will savage the black Muslims

Put them all beneath the sod

With the ashes of their fathers

And the temples of their god



Jumping To Conclusions

The first thing out of the mouth of President Obama when he heard of the massacre of unarmed soldiers by a screaming Muslim was that we should not jump to conclusions about the motives of the shooter. No indeed. We must not think that just because Major Hasan called himself a soldier of Allah that he actually was one. People fantasize, you know, without ever carrying out their fantasies. No, as the mainstream media was quick to point out, without ever telling the viewing public that Major Hasan was a Muslim, there did not appear to be a motive for the murders. President Obama, in his speech at Fort Hood, said the attack was incomprehensible. Incomprehensible to some, maybe, but not for those of us not crippled by the insane blindness of political correctness.     



When you jump to a conclusion

It can lead to much confusion

And that is something we don’t want to see

Just because a man is saying

That to Allah he is praying

Doesn’t mean he’s not the same as you and me

Just because he calls Al Qaeda

Doesn’t mean that he would hide a

Gun beneath his coat and shoot a man or two

And though many heard him crying

There are Muslim babies dying

And he blamed the deaths of all on me and you

Take the mosque that he attended

He would surely be offended

If we thought what he was told there was insane

Even though his Imam praised the

Men who gave their lives and razed the

Buildings in New York by Boeing aeroplane

And of course then we must never

Think a Muslim man could sever

Heads of innocents and those who mean no harm

For he is a man most peaceful

Who insists that we must cease all

Taking acts and words of Muslims with alarm

We must never think that single

Muslim men with whom we mingle

Are reflections of their countrymen at large

No the peaceful Muslim masses

Want to kill our Yankee asses

And put their crazy Imams all in charge

We should not jump to conclusion

That they’re playing with nuke fusion

For the purpose of destroying us this time

We must honor that their version

Of the truth is that the Persian

Rule of all us infidels will be sublime



Real Men, Real Women

John Boot in Pajamas Media asks why women love a TV drama called Mad Men, set in the 60s before radical feminism and political correctness changed what the culture thought of “he-men”. The answer might be that women love the bad-boy lead character because they have always loved the bad-boy, always loved the guy with the hairy chest, always loved the guy who slapped them around. Political correctness may play in the lefty media and culture, but real women have always loved real men, and always will.



Pocketa pocketa pocketa

The mighty airship sang

Sailing free and fearsome in the sky

Below him Walter Mitty saw

The fleeing pirate gang

Led across the bay by Captain Bligh

The bomb bay doors flung open then

The airship lurched and breached

The bomb fell clean upon the men

As seagulls flapped and screeched

Where have they gone these mighty men

Have airships disappeared?

Do pirates now use GPS

Are Zulu foes still speared?

We haven’t gone, we’re here to stay

Though they may curse our likes

We still work hard, and women play

Behind us on our bikes