Just A Dream

In light of Hillary’s typically Clintonian behavior re the emails and the foreign money coming in while she was SecState, behavior that reveals to all her conviction that the Clintons do not need to obey the law, the New York Times writes, rather sadly, that despite her problems the Democrats see no choice but Hillary Clinton in 2016. Nonetheless, there are those who wonder if perhaps age, weariness and problems may cause her to decide not to run. Lying abed, I dreamed I spoke to my friend Waltradamus about the Hillary problem for the Democrats, and what would happen if there were no viable candidate to take her place. He said the answer was simple. The twenty-second amendment does not forbid anyone from running for a third term, it only forbids anyone from serving as president for a third term. Therefore, the Democrats believe they can prevail over the Constitution by running Barack Obama, and if he wins again fight it out in the courts, where the twenty-second amendment will be struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional because it does not apply to any other elected Federal official. Further, with the election tied up in the courts, who is the interim president? I woke covered with sweat and looked at the clock. It was getting very late for all of us.

My stomach crawled with giant worms
Barack Obama for three terms
And then a fourth, and then again
A life so long He reaches ten
Augusta now His private course
No golf cart He, a snow white horse
His subjects cheer as He rides by
Huzzah le Emperor! is the cry
The Capitol has been torn down
And every monument in town
Has been removed and in its place
Are giant marbles of His face
I woke again, a horrid dream
Before I recognized the scream
‘Twas Waltradamus, rigid, stiff
Unmoving as the crumbling cliff
Gave way before my frightened eyes
And very much to my surprise
The country tilted and the slide
Took state by state on its death ride
I woke again and day was here
Could such a thing be very near?
A monstrous, cruel and dark regime?
Of course not, it was just a dream

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