Amoeba Nation

I have posited in these pages on more than one occasion that the United States is dividing, amoeba like, into two separate and distinct moral, cultural and ideological nations, the Southern half retaining most if not all of the founding principles of the United States and California, the Northwest and the Northern half becoming increasingly a hard Socialist state ruled by cliques of government unions, third world Mexicans and disaffected grievance minorities. I believe the division into two separate countries will be more or less peaceful, with commerce between the two, but like the amoeba, once fully separated, two permanent and distinct societies will emerge and stay that way for the foreseeable future, until such time as the hard socialist North, in order to solve its intractable problems brought on by historic inevitability, devolves into dictatorship, at which point the real crisis of the future nature of the United States begins. A nation divided amongst itself cannot stand, and force of arms will determine which United States will live and which will die.

A nation so divided
By nature is provided
The means to solve the problem in due course
One can resort to reason
Perhaps resort to treason
But if all fails then one resorts to force
But force means nothing’s settled
It merely leaves folks nettled
So say the folks who’ll say just let them go
But force resolves the question
And just as a suggestion
Just ask a Carthaginian you know

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