Just Having Fun

When I did my wash I always included seven short sleeve shirts, and occasionally one or two would come out of the dryer inside out, but last week all seven came out of the dryer inside out. Was this a natural phenomenon or the washer and dryer having fun?

An object that’s inanimate
That’s made of steel or laminate
Will often act perversely it is true
They’ll stubbornly insist
It’s you that must have missed
The start button and so the fault’s on you
But dryers now and washers
They’re kidders and they’re joshers
They play their tricks and have their little fun
On spin cycle they jiggle
And I can hear them giggle
Then summon me when all my wash is done
They’re silent as I open
The door and start my gropin’
Around inside to find my way about
They shake with silent laughter
Immediately after
I find that all my shirts are inside out