The Dancing Unicorns

It has often been said that as Germany goes so goes Europe. It is becoming more and more difficult to believe that despite the difficulties with Muslim immigrants and homegrown environmentalists that Europe will somehow right itself. The delusion of mortal danger from the CO2 we exhale with every breath, and without which every living plant and tree on the planet would quickly die, leading to planet wide starvation, has destroyed the reasoning power of the ruling class. One can only hope that the collapse of Germany due to its no nukes, no coal, no oil and no gas fracking insanities affects only them. Coupled with the German government’s leadership in the equally insane Muslim immigration policy, I fully expect that the 2040 US presidential election will see the Democrats charge the Donald Trump Jr campaign with colluding with Darius the 7th of the new Persian Empire.

Dancing unicorns race madly
Through the minds of the elites
Who participate most gladly
In the sugar plummy treats
Wide distributed by fairies
Who claim that the CO2
Is the sole cause of the varies
In the depth of ocean blue
In the meantime unbelievers
To their danger overlook
That their new welfare receivers
On instruction from their book
Are preparing to destroy them
By the gathering of men
And the Imams to deploy them
Then the Caliphate again
Oh the unicorns are dancing
And the sugar plums abound
With environment enhancing
The all-knowing, shaking ground