Just Like Us

We are constantly told that Islam is not the problem, that Arabs are just like us, with hotheads among them just like us, and that sensible, moderate Arabs are opposed to the extremism of their less moderate brothers. I agree with this. Arabs and Muslims are just like us. Consider:



Of course the Arab’s just like us

A tiny minus, tiny plus

But put us all on the same bus

And they are just like us

Like them we behead on YouTube

And burn down buildings at “Hey Rube!”

And stone a girl for showing boob

Yes they are just like us

Like us they stride the world of art

In science they’re a class apart

When eating goat they seldom fart

Yes they are just like us

We thank them for the aeroplane

And wondrous things like Novocain

All gifts of Arabs for no gain

Yes they are just like us

We’ve much to learn from MiddleEast

Civility is not the least

They look upon us as a beast

Yes they are just like us


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