Waltradamus: The Middle East

Chaos rules the Middle East. Protests rise in anger to topple governments, while other governments topple protesters. The world of oil is aflame, and stark depression looms unless the weak West shows some unaccustomed backbone. In the United States, the power, the president seems strangely unmoved by events. In a world perceived as dark by many, Waltradamus, seer and chronicler of the future, reveals what is to come.


The oil rich kingdom topples down

The Pharaohs rise to grab the crown

The Medes perceive the time is ripe

The west men still believe the hype


Mushrooms grow in hardened sand

Pilgrims walk with naught in hand

Blinding flashes fill the night

Darkened eyes cry out for sight


Jobless men look hard for toil

Mobless men look hard for oil

Derricks blackened stand forlorn

Mothers weep for their first born


Strong men riding horses white

Promise ways to end the blight

Darkness darkness everywhere

Dawn will come but who will care


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