Ka-boom Towns

Detroit is becoming a ghost town. Outside Madrid an airport was built with runways and hangars designed for the giant Airbus A380, and the airport is now closed due to close to non-existent traffic. Chernobyl is abandoned, and many American cities are crumbling into disrepair. But this is the way of it. Cities rise and fall, civilizations rise and fall. Carthage has come and gone, Mycenae has come and gone, Troy has come and gone. And so shall we, in time, have come and gone. But there is always someone to take our place.



Archimedes’ Syracuse

The Greek Aegean states

Have long since ceased to pay their dues

There’s naught left on their plates

As well as Nineveh and Ur

Are gone and left behind

And in their stead I would aver

Came others of their kind

For cities come and cities go

Some live while others die

The why this is we do not know

We only wonder why

But life and death is surely part

Of Universe’s plan

When someone ends then others start

That is the way of man



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