The Wildebeest

The people of Europe have rejected the austerity plans put in place by the right of center in an effort to save them from the runaway debt and financial and cultural ruin the Left has left them with after three generations of socialism, by turning to the Left to save them from the very disease the Left has given them. Such is human nature. Like the Wildebeest, they know not what to do, so they do what they have always done, they run in circles, scream and shout.



We watch in awe the Wildebeest

In millions running every year

Across the plain in headlong flight

Driven by unyielding fear

That grass and water will not last

And so they must to highlands go

Across the wild unserried land

Into the wild run river flow

Where many die but some survive

To carry on the yearly flight

That is inbred in Wildebeest

Who act always the same from fright

And so it is with us as well

As crises rise with every sun

Like clockwork to bedevil man

And like the Wildebeest we run



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