La Forza Del Destino

There are those who believe in the force of destiny, that what is to be will be, that what is shown in destiny’s mirror is inevitable. And so it may be. The mirror of destiny shows a darkness blotting the sun, coming nearer and darker with each passing day, and no one, not God nor man, able to stop its relentless inevitability.

The Ottoman is on the march
Vienna is in sight
The sun is setting in the West
And soon will come the night
The mirror in the White House shows
That all is going well
Yet in the mirror sounds unheard
The tolling of the bell
Our destinies are darkly shown
If we would do but look
Yet many seem content to see
The closing of the book
The death of Western majesty
Of science and of art
Will all be dead without the rise
Of men with fighting heart
The darkness closes in as we
Drift off in dreamless sleep
Assassins creeping to our beds
To leave no one to weep
Our destiny is in our hands
The mirror does not lie
The darkness closes in and we
Must fight or we shall die

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