The Presidential Outhouse

It has been suggested that we drop movies over North Korea to show the average North Korean what the West really looks like. It is believed that doing so may make the people of North Korea rise up and depose the Kims. My choice for movie dropped into North Korea would be Dr. Strangelove. Not only is it a great movie, but maybe the ordinary North Korean will believe that if they only got rid of the Kims they could, in just two or three generations, build a replica B-52. They would have to import the balsa wood, of course, but the IMF would probably advance them the money. On the other hand it might just be easier to drop a bomb on the presidential palace outhouse while Kim is in it. Just a thought.

The presidential outhouse
To where the flagstones led
Sits silent in the moonlight
Awaiting Kim Un’s tread
As he upon his bedtime
His nightly sortie made
To sit alone and ponder
The morrow’s plans he laid
Unseen the drones had loitered
Above the outhouse roof
And when the door had fastened
A missile’s silent poof
Left nothing but the wreckage
Piled high on flagstone path
Upon which all the mourners
Had placed this epitaph
Somewhere here lies Dear Leader
We know not where he went
Know only he is part of
This handsome excrement

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