Late Night Thoughts

Barack Obama attended a mosque in Baltimore that is under surveillance by the FBI and has been declared a major part of the worldwide Islamic terrorist organization by the State Department, where he again told the attending terrorists in training that Islam is a religion of peace, that Islam was part of the United States from the beginning of the Republic, and that he is outraged that Republicans are saying such awful and hurtful things about Islam and terror and terrorists, saying there was no place in America for objections to beheadings and demolition of ancient architectural treasures. Or words to that effect. Barack Obama has made it clear, by his words and actions over the past seven years, that he is not the Commander in Chief but the Imam in Chief.

Barack is not of us, he is the Other
Remember when Kaddafi called him brother
He bowed to Muslim kings including Saudi
A real American would just say howdy
He gladly gave Iraq to friendly Mullahs
Praised Hillary as his John Foster Dulles
Knowing that she’d turn into disaster
And dumb as the grey horse of Mrs. Astor
He needed her to cloud each major issue
And smiling speak tart words of lying tissue
The Caliphate is part of what he’s shaping
He draws a noose from which there’s no escaping
The Middle East entirely his doing
A fire storm while he is kissing, cooing
Behind the scenes with Mullahs he admires
Intent he is on setting more than fires
Oh yes he is a very fine Commander
His late night thoughts are sweet but do meander
Along the pathways of his heart-felt loathing
For western ways that dictate that his clothing
May not be a white thobe, which was bad, or
A far more pleasant thought, a bright red chador
He knew the penalty for a cross-dresser
At least he wouldn’t die a white oppressor
With Allah he’d be joined after the service
Though thoughts of Biden’s grin still made him nervous

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