The Messiah

In the last Republican debate, the candidates were asked if Obama was incompetent or malicious. The answer is Barack Obama is malice incarnate. The slide to tyranny started innocently enough. The Great Depression. FDR, the slightly left of center president, alphabet agencies, government programs, all operating at a very low level of intensity, with minimal additions to the federal bureaucracy. FDR himself warned of the dangers of unionizing government workers and service providers like teachers and police and firemen. Early days. Nothing much changed while the country recovered from WW2, until a bullet put Lyndon Johnson in the White House, under whom the government exploded in size with the advent of the Great Society. I saw, in Philadelphia, buildings of thirty floors taken over to house workers to administer the largesse bestowed on the urban poor. But the real explosion came with the capture of the Democratic Party by the radical left and the capture of the ultimate prize, the White House, and a radical left inhabitant named Barack Obama. We now have speech codes, but not free speech. We no longer have freedom of religion when bakers can be fined so heavily as to be put out of business for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. We no longer have a free market when government agents can raid a guitar manufacturing company, confiscate its goods and punitively fine them because the CEO contributed to the Republican Party. We no longer have three equal branches of government, or the Constitution or the rule of law, because Barack Obama has laid them all aside in pursuance of his radical, malicious, America-changing agenda. The 2016 election will determine if the country has a chance to return to being a Constitutional Republic or is doomed to continue the leftward slide to tyranny, anarchy and revolution. What began as a slow drift to the left under FDR is now a raging conflagration, whose flames are about to consume us all.

Some thought he was the angel
Who would cure our every ill
Some saw him as Messiah
Hungry bellies he would fill
Some saw him as the healer
Who would bridge the great divide
Between the haves and have nots
Bring together every side
None of this was his intention
He had other things in mind
The destruction of the country
To applause from his own kind
He set the house on fire
Fanned the searing white hot flames
And he laughed as conflagrations
Spread so quickly through the frames
Of the cameras that recorded
The destruction he had set
Of the people who have lived it
Only half of us regret
The election of a monster
Who knew that his task would be
Set to flames the greatest country
That the world would ever see

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