Le Pen

France is poised on the edge of the chasm – in two weeks the country will elect Marine Le Pen, who wants to leave the European Union, end Muslim immigration, restore French sovereignty and the franc, or Emmanuel Macron, who wants closer ties to the EU and continued Muslim immigration. The choice for the French people is clear – the chance of life with Le Pen or the certainty of death with Macron.

The barricades, the red and black
Le Pen won’t take the country back
To when the Bourbons used to reign
She will, though, lead the way for Spain
And others of the southern Med
To leave the Euro, leave it dead
To send the Muslims home in tears
To sweet Morocco, hot Algiers
The revolution then complete
Marine will then smile oh so sweet
They’ll raise a statue in the park
To France’s brand new Joan of Arc

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