Now that Obama has given Iran permission to build nuclear weapons and has given them 100 billion dollars to immediately buy any conventional weapons they choose from whoever they choose to buy them from, there will be a boom in arms sales to Iran, and then there will be a Boom. Obama has his own hidden reasons for doing what he does, and Putin and Xi expect Russia and China to profit greatly. Obama and Putin and Xi remind me of caterpillars racing along the top of a fence, looking for the pot of gold at the end of it. But being lepidoptera they do not realize that when they reach the end of the fence that will indeed be the end of it.

I watched them running fast atop the fence
Three caterpillars racing neck and neck
Assuming that to them the race made sense
They reached the end and dropped down to the deck
The decking had a gap between each plank
And down they went below the pine plank floor
To come out later by the water tank
And climb the fence and race along once more
I asked them why they raced each other so
They said a hundred billion was at stake
They said they saw the prism colored bow
Said the thought of all that gold just made them shake
I said Iran will shortly have the bomb
And infidels like you will be at risk
They smiled a cheerful smile with great aplomb
Said only dirty Jews will feel the whisk
I left them sitting calmly, breathing hard
As hungry birds began to circle ‘round
The shadows creeping slowly ‘cross the yard
The silent stillness making not a sound
I envied them their vigor and their youth
I knew not were they moth or butterfly
They did not sense the danger, more’s the truth
Not even with the bird wings ‘gainst the sky

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