The Great Game

I am weary unto death of the Turks, the Middle East, and Obama, and prefer to turn my attention to loftier matters, namely the Great Game. The Great Game is not politics, nor business, nor is it the struggle between Britain and Russia for control of Central Asia and the riches of the Orient. No, the Great Game is football, and the struggle for control of the Lombardi Trophy. Let us forget the troubles and travails of the world and rejoice, for NFL training camps open Sunday

The summer wends its weary way
Toward Autumn when some large men play
A game that captivates us all
Who cannot wait till it is Fall
When leaves turn golden red with flame
And teams line up to play The Game
The tempo of the season goes
From first game sun to late game snows
From Autumn heat to Winter cold
Each Sunday sees the story told
We laugh and cheer and often cry
Giants, Boys, Fly Eagles Fly

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