Let Your Laughter Fill The Room

Forty years ago Van Morison recorded a whimsical song, the tag line of which was Let Your Laughter Fill The Room. The line is no longer whimsical. For thirty years now the Left has been slowly taking away, salami slice by salami slice, our constitutional right to free speech. It matters not that you tell the truth, what matters is that someone is not offended by what you say. The president of Harvard lost his job because, in answer to a question as to why women do not do as well as men in science and math, he said it was because men were better at science and math than women were. Women faculty in the audience fainted and grew hysterical, unable to hear the truth. And so he was fired. In our universities, other protected victim groups demand, and get, safe spaces where they need not hear words they deem offensive, a category that includes most words in the English language. A man can lose his job with a casual and inoffensive remark that offends someone in the many victim classes now determining what we can say and what we cannot say. Free speech is a thing of the past, and will get worse. The First Amendment is the guarantor of our freedom, and it no longer applies to anyone not belonging to a recognized and officially designated politically correct victim group. We are not permitted to laugh at the stupidity and the absurdity of political correctness, for the stupid and the absurd are now in charge, and the destruction of the white male is their goal.

Let the sunshine of free speech
Brighten up the stygian gloom
Laugh at all pc in reach
Let your laugher fill the room
Laugh at those who claim safe space
And deride the ones who fume
That mere words are out of place
Let your laughter fill the room
Laugh at fake left victim groups
Laugh as their dark shadows loom
Scorn them, call them leftist dupes
Let your laughter fill the room
White men cast the shackles off
Show them we postpone our doom
Trample them to dust and then
Let your laughter fill the room

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