Let’s Make A Deal

Obama says he is waiting to see what happens in Egypt before making any announcements about what it is he intends to do. What he intends to do, of course, is embrace the winner and claim that was the result he wanted all along. And if the radical anti-west, anti-American muslim fanatics gain control, the result will be what he wanted all along. It’s all part of a master plan.



Obama says Let’s make a deal

See what’s behind the curtain

The Muslim Brotherhood is real

But we won’t know for certain

Until the riots run their course

And someone is the victim

The other is the winner and

Of course we’ll claim we picked ‘im

We sit apart from storm and strife

We have no dog is this fight

We make no judgments who is wrong

We know the winner is right

Our policy is working fine

To some it seems it rambles

My plan is that the world in time

Will be in utter shambles

At which point I will usher forth

A plan to clear the mess up

I will be king, and now you know

The devil made me ‘fess up


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