Little Oaks From Mighty Acorns Grow

The Belmont Club has an interesting discussion on how left wing activists help the poor, the illiterate, the disabled, fill out absentee ballots. The help consists of filling out the ballot in favor of the activist’s candidate, regardless of what the person being helped might have wished. This is only one of many ways leftist organizations like Acorn see to it that when the votes are counted, the Democrat wins. We have seen massive voter fraud in the governor’s race in Washington State, we have seen massive voter fraud send Al Franken to the Senate and will no doubt see more voter fraud in the future, for the Democrats are not about to give up their silver bullet. Motor voter, absentee ballots, mail-in voting, electronic voting without a paper trail and election day registration will ultimately lead to an electorate that does not trust the results of elections. In 1960 Richard Nixon knew that John Kennedy was elected president with stolen votes in Chicago, Cook county, Illinois, and was urged to contest the results. Nixon said, “No, we are not a banana republic.” In 2000 George W. Bush won Florida by a slim margin and Al Gore demanded a recount, obviously believing that the United States was indeed a banana republic. We are well on our way to achieving the goal of the left wingers, the quangos, the non-governmental organizations. Voter fraud is turning us into a banana republic, with the Democrats in power in perpetuity. 



The Left, the Left, it never sleeps

When power gets, the power keeps

It matters not, the coming deeps

It’s all in keeping score

The quangos running all our lives

With winning smiles and hidden knives

As honey drips from lefty hives

And still they lust for more

No one is safe, we have no chance

To beat the Leftists at their dance

They know their foe with just a glance

Their hearts bleed for the poor

They help the poor fill out the forms

They know the poor know not the norms

By doing so election storms

Are driven from the door

Election fraud is what they do

Mail-in votes, the Acorn crew

They care not all for me and you

For now they own the store



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