Jason And The Golden Fleece

In an effort to save the socialist dream of the European Union, the EU has pledged one trillion dollars of German money to prop up a Greece whose people are rioting in protest at the effort to take away some of the socialist goodies they’ve been given, even though everyone knows that without some sacrifice on the part of the people of Greece the whole European edifice will come crashing down.  No matter.  The Greeks want their handouts to continue no matter the Acropolis comes crashing down on their heads. There was a time Greece produced heroes, like Jason and Hercules. Now all they want to do is fleece the Germans out of a trillion dollars. 



Jason and the Argonauts

Set sail from ancient Greece

With Orpheus and Hercules

To find the Golden Fleece

Guarded by a dragon fierce

Inside the Sacred Grove

The Heroes thought success was theirs

When into sight they hove

The dragon though had other thoughts

And Jason’s guys were stumped

Till sorcery by Medea

Had mighty dragon trumped

Now you might think this ancient tale

Holds nothing for us now

But you’d be wrong to think this way

And I will tell you how

You see the dragon’s Germany

And Jason, well he’s Greece

He’s borrowed much and repaid none

And that’s the Golden Fleece



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