Making Stuff

Have you noticed we hardly actually make anything anymore?  Oh, we make airplanes and high tech medical equipment, but we no longer make the little things people use every day, like shoes and waffle irons.  Go to Wal-Mart and check the country of origin on the boxes.  If we did, one day, want or have to start making stuff again, would anyone know how to do it?



Making stuff is all the rage

In countries far away

They work for a subsistence wage

A couple bucks a day

While here at home the folks pretend

They’re working hard but they’re

Just stacking paper end to end

To climb that corporate stair

No need to dirty up one’s hands

By working with the soil

No, building things on shifting sands

Is what we now call toil

We’ve built a nice society

Where everyone’s a king

But soon will come sobriety

‘Cause we don’t build a thing

That ordinary people want

That people really need

Who wants to work, that’s just a stunt

What’s real is wholesome greed

What’s that you say, it’s coming down?

Just watch it all collapse?

Oh well, we’ve had our time in town

The kids will pay, perhaps



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