Mr. Tallyman

Pakistan is building two large plutonium reactors, thus dramatically enlarging their nuclear warhead production capacity. To what end? A nuke super-store? Who would they sell the bombs to? Saudi Arabia? The Taliban? I suspect we know the answer.



Come Mr. Tallyman, tally me banana

Is now Come Mr. Taliban let me show you this

Nice little thing we’ve got here’n Pashtunanana

For the right price we are sure you cannot miss

Think of the joy you can bring to Muslim masses

Think of the laughter the Arab street will find

Think of the tears as you kick those Yankee asses

Think of the fears you will raise in Kaffir’s mind

Don’t think of price for we know you can afford it

We know you’ve got resources out the old kazoo

Just sign your name here and then we can record it

Then after that you’ll just have to holler boo

Everyone knows that you never show no mercy

Everyone knows that you mean just what you say

One little bomb could take out all of New Jercy

Two little bombs and you own the USA

Come Mr. Taliban to Pashtunanana

Come Mr. Taliban cross my palm with gold

Come Mr. Taliban tally me banana

Soon everyone will be doing as he’s told



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  1. mrschip

    Good on ya Walt. Also…you have tags! I’m jealous b/c I don’t know how to do that. Just got a message from Steve. He’s in Houston and he’s tired. Short message.

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