Many Allies, Many Friends

A scathing review of Obama’s sessions with leaders of friendly countries has surfaced on YouTube, in Danish, with English sub-titles. In it, Obama is seen to repeat the very same words to every allied foreign leader who pays him a visit.  Those words are, “We are fortunate to have as an ally a country like (fill in the name), a country that punches above its weight.” Country after country, Western leader after Western leader, all hear the same thing: their country punches above its weight. You would think his speech writers could come up with something else to put on the teleprompter. Something like the following, but maybe he is averse to telling the truth:



I’ve many allies, many friends

I treat them all the same

I use them to attain my ends

That’s how I play the game

I tell them what they want to hear

I flatter them as well

I love to draw my allies near

Upon my words they dwell

Of course I’m meaning not a word

Those folks are not my kind

I think their countries quite absurd

And difficult to find

But most of all I find that they

No longer have a king

With whom I could spend half a day

And kiss his ass and ring



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