The End Of An Error

Just about everything lasts seventy years. Economic bubbles take place like clockwork every seventy years, because that’s how long it takes for those who remember the last bubble to die off. Case in point, the Florida real estate bubble of the 1920s and the dot com bubble of the 1990s, just one of many examples throughout history. Everything changes over time, sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes dramatically. And so it is with progressive leftism, which gained political ascendance in the 1930s and is now approaching its expiration date. Expiration is not inevitable, of course, but fortunately the Left is incapable of learning anything.



They never learn

And so their turn

At power’s at an end

They said relax

We’ll tax and tax

And then we’ll spend and spend

And so they did

Just as they bid

And when it could not last

They spent some more

Until the store

Got emptied oh so fast

And so we say

You’ve had your day

We bid you fond adieu

Just take your Greens

And Frisco queens

And take Obama too



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